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Friday 10 July 2020 Latest News

The MP for North Wiltshire, James Gray visited Malmesbury School on Friday to hear about the students’ experiences during the Covid-19 outbreak and see how they found remote learning. Mr Gray was given a tour by Heads Tim Gilson and John Barrett to see how the current arrangements are working, and met with students in Years 7 and 10 to hear how they had found the experience. The school was also able to highlight the plans that they have in place for the new term, when the whole school will be returning.  

James Gray said:

“I was extremely impressed with the excellent arrangements and plans put in place by the school to deal with the coronavirus outbreak and the hard work shown by the members of staff. The students all had a very positive attitude and had clearly worked hard, despite these very difficult circumstances.

I know that teachers and parents alike will no doubt be looking forward to schools opening fully in September, and it is great to see that Malmesbury School have put all the necessary measures in place to ensure a safe return. I have heard from a number of constituents over the lockdown period who were also very impressed by the help provided by the school and I am very grateful for their hard work during this time.”

Thursday 9 July 2020 Weekly Column

One of the stars emerging from the Pandemic crisis must be Rishi Sunak. Both of his major statements have been ground-breaking stuff. Never can a Chancellor have had to undertake such very fundamental changes to try to preserve the Nation’s economic well-being. The Furlough Scheme alone was imaginative, essential, simple and hugely successful. That together with the other financial schemes he brought in have more or less seen us through the immediate emergency.

But there is so much

Thursday 2 July 2020 Weekly Column

The House of Commons risks becoming a sad and diminished little replica of what is often misquoted as the ‘Mother of Parliaments.’ Government governs, and we backbenchers in Parliament scrutinise what they are doing. If - for perfectly correct practical reasons - we cannot do so, then we should be clear that we are not. We otherwise risk giving false legitimacy to what the Executive are doing.

I have been back for two weeks now (on and off), and the whole place is like a ghost town

Thursday 25 June 2020 Weekly Column

Have you ever taken an idle moment in a leafy glade to watch an ant hill in action? Colonies vary from a very few ants on a twig through to ‘super colonies’ reportedly as large as 300 million ants in an area of several square miles. The Queen ant, who lives for up to 40 years, is buried many feet below ground, surrounded by 2000 or so sterile females. Tens of thousands of workers scurry around the forest floor foraging and passing secret hormonal messages on to one another to make their

Monday 15 June 2020 Weekly Column

The Taliban hate religions of all kinds, so they viewed it as being reasonable to destroy the Buddha statues at Bamiyan. ISIS hate history, so destroyed Aleppo, Palmyra and a whole host of other Syrian historic sites and artefacts. The West were united in decrying both events as ignorant vandalism. Yet we rejoiced at the destruction of the huge statue of Saddam Hussein in Baghdad; and are surprised when we discover statues of Stalin here and there across Russia. Depictions of Hitler and


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