This weekend, James Gray MP took part in a virtual discussion at the Conservative Party Conference to discuss “The Falkland Islands in a Global Britain – respond to the challenges and taking advantage of opportunities,” examining the importance of the Falkland Islands to the UK.

As the UK reassesses its place in the world it is vital that the contribution of the Falklands is considered. Whether it is providing a South Atlantic base for the UK’s Armed Forces, playing a major role in helping the UK tackle climate change, or being the home to a high proportion of the UK’s biodiversity, the event stressed how the Falklands should be seen as an significant asset to Global Britain.

As the Chair of the Polar Regions APPG, a member of the Falkland Islands APPG and as someone who has visited the Falklands and the wider region, Mr Gray was very pleased to be able to join the panel and share his views.

In his speech, Mr Gray made the important point that the Integrated Review should not just stick to 2% of GDP for defence expenditure, since GDP is likely to fall, but that we should maintain current levels of spending. He also highlighted the importance of focusing on Antarctica, as well as the Arctic, as areas of vital strategic importance and as centres for science and peace.