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Wednesday 26 January 2022 Latest News

On Tuesday, North Wiltshire MP James Gray asked the Foreign Secretary to clarify what role British troops could play to aid Ukraine against possible Russian aggression during Oral Questions for the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office.

Before the debate, Mr Gray said:

“Ukraine has of course been on our radar for a very long time - long before Crimea. It is possible that Putin will act at any moment; but then on the other hand he may not act at all. Sabre rattling is at least as much a part of the Russian inventory as is invasion. In any case, the UK Government needs to be prepared for all eventualities and stand behind our allies in Europe as well as NATO to do all we can to aid Ukraine in this most difficult time.”

In the House of Commons Chamber, Mr Gray added:

“I very strongly welcome the strength and determination of the message that the Foreign Secretary is sending to Mr Putin to deter any possible aggression against Ukraine; it is just right. However, are there any circumstances under which she could foresee British troops being deployed in a combat role, defending Ukraine?”

​The Foreign Secretary, Elizabeth Truss MP, replied that:

“As the Defence Secretary said, it is unlikely that that would be the circumstance, but we are working very hard to make sure that Ukraine has the defensive weapons that it needs; that it has the training that it needs—we have trained 20,000 Ukrainian personnel—and that it has the support of the international community. We are pushing our allies very hard to make sure that they are offering similar defensive support.”

Tuesday 25 January 2022 Latest News

During Oral Questions for the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities in the House of Commons on Monday, North Wiltshire MP James Gray highlighted how important it is to let local people decide how many new homes should be built in their area.

Before the debate, Mr Gray said:

“I recently attended a meeting with Malmesbury Town Council in my constituency, discussing local planning concerns and how strengthened neighbourhood planning would prevent opportunistic

Thursday 20 January 2022 Weekly Column

Things are not as straightforward as some of my correspondents might imply.

The In tray has been stuffed (and I apologise if my standard reply has not addressed some of your specific points.) Yet while the overwhelming message is one of outrage at the Downing Street parties, and calls for the PM to resign over them, a reasonable minority have taken a strenuous opposite view. They argue that Boris has achieved an enormous amount - the General Election, Brexit, Covid, Levelling up, a

Thursday 13 January 2022 Weekly Column

The presumption of innocence is one of the most sacred principles of English Law. The very distinguished and impartial civil servant Sue Gray is currently finding out the facts about the alleged Downing Street parties. It is just as wrong to come to some kind of conclusion (or verdict or sentence) during that process as it would be to publicly punish an alleged criminal before his trial. So I will not be tempted to do so. The Prime Minister is the Prime Minister – duly chosen by the

Wednesday 12 January 2022 Latest News

North Wiltshire MP and Chairman of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for the Polar Regions, James Gray, praised both the British research vessel the RSS Sir David Attenborough and the work of the British Antarctic Survey in both Polar Regions.

During Oral Questions to the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy yesterday, Mr Gray asked the Minister:

“Does the Minister agree that she (RSS Sir David Attenborough) is the epitome of all that is best about


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